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Today Meal is a food and beverage website that launched in 2011, long before TikTok recipe reels and interactive food slideshows. In those days, we were well known for our focus on food tourism, as well as our annual "Best Of" lists.

In the years since, we've expanded our focus to better serve our growing global audience, offering recipes, tips, tricks, and news on all things happening in the food world. Since becoming part of the Alb Media group in 2022, we're on a mission to make cooking less intimidating. We understand that not everyone is a natural-born culinary whiz, and that's okay. Allow us to be your guide with our laid-back and easy-going approach to food and cooking.

We want to get to the bottom of every question you have – whether that's the best way to cook turkey meatballs, what kinds of fried chicken to look for as you travel around the globe, inspiration for your next weeknight dinner, or why your favorite food has disappeared from store shelves.

We take our commitment to facts and accuracy very seriously. We take great pains to make sure we trace facts and information back to their original sources as often as possible, and include links to those primary and (if necessary) secondary sources for full transparency. We also consult trusted experts in the food world to ensure the highest level of factuality on a topic.

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