Modern metallic oven (isolated with clipping path over white background)
You've Been Using The Drawer Under Your Oven Wrong
By Julia Mullaney
That little storage compartment below the oven that you’ve been using to store your cookware is actually designed to keep food warm.
The heat from the oven seeps down into the drawer, which keeps the food warm without overcooking it. Some ovens even have their own food warmer controls.
Your warming drawer should be a minimum of 140 degrees to keep food hot and safe. If it's above 140, you can keep it in there for several hours.
A drawer below 140 degrees F should not hold food for more than two hours. One set at 250 degrees should not store food for more than 20 minutes, or it could dry out.
To determine how hot your warmer drawer gets, simply place a thermometer in the closed drawer to measure its temperature.