A closeup of sliced roasted chicken on a wooden board.
Your Next Roast Chicken Is In Need Of Caesar Dressing
By Madalyn Mackarey
Cooking a flavorful roasted chicken when you’re pressed for time is possible if you turn to a ready-made ingredient that’s typically reserved for salad greens: Caesar dressing.
Caesar dressings are creamy and hearty, so they can hold up inside an oven and give a desirable velvety coating to help make your roast chicken moist.
Caesar dressing is rich, so you can even skip the marinating process. Just cover the chicken in the dressing and pop it in the oven.
However, keep in mind that many store-bought dressings already contain a decent amount of salt and pepper, so there's no need to pre-season your chicken with salt and pepper.
This will cut down on even more prep time, and when it’s time to enjoy your chicken, you'll thank your past self for choosing an unfussy, low-mess meal when it's time to clean up.