cracking open an egg
Your Counter Isn't Actually The Best Surface To Crack An Egg
By Kuamel Stewart
Cracking eggs on a countertop may not result in a full break. Its membrane will likely remain intact, and you'll have to get the yolk out using multiple taps or another method.
When using a flat surface, your egg may also rupture in many places. Instead, gently tap two eggs together to create a fissure in the middle of one while keeping the other intact.
This method will save time and allow you to cleanly pull the shell apart and remove the yolk without multiple attempts at cracking the shell like you would with a countertop.
What's even more convenient about this hack is that the cracked egg won't have as many fragments because the membrane will hold onto most of those bits of shell.
Another mess-free method is the one-handed egg-cracking hack. Hold the egg over your mixing bowl between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and crack it against the rim.
Apply a bit of pressure to the break with your middle finger. As the shell fractures, pull it apart, and the yolk will fall cleanly out of the shell and into your mixing bowl.