a season, air fried cabbage piece
Your Air Fryer Is The Secret To Tender Cabbage In A Flash
By Allison Lindsey
An air fryer makes cooking vegetables much easier, and adding cabbage to the machine offers a quick and efficient method for cooking this underrated food.
Cooking cabbage gives it a succulent softness without compromising its firm structure. It also curbs the bitter flavor of raw cabbage in exchange for a mellow, buttery taste.
Air fryers work twice as fast as a conventional oven, tenderizing cabbage in a flash. The heated circulation also facilitates even cooking for consistent texture and flavor.
When air-frying cabbage, clean it thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and remove the first outer layer of leaves. Chop it into smaller pieces for even cooking.
Drizzle with oil before air-frying at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes, adjusting time and temperature based on your air-fryer model and the amount of cabbage.
Air-fried cabbage, with its versatile applications from snacks to meal accompaniments, elevates dishes from steaks to stir-fries with its earthy flavor and satisfying texture.