corn on the cob
Your Air Fryer Is Corn On The Cob's Best Friend
By S. Ferrari
Cooking corn on the cob can be pretty tedious work. Fortunately, cooking your ears of corn in your air fryer is a fast, easy, and nearly foolproof way to get the job done.
Air fryers are well-suited to corn's size, shape, and composition. Since they're essentially tiny convection ovens, these devices concentrate and evenly circulate hot air.
This allows the heat to reach all sides of the corn without the fuss of flipping the ears on a grill or using a large enough pot to fully submerge and boil them.
Simply coat your corn with cooking oil and air fry it for 14 minutes at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also air fry frozen or loose kernels if you don’t have fresh corn.
The resulting corn is sweet, juicy, and perfectly caramelized, thanks to the high heat. You can top it with your favorite seasonings, or some simple butter, salt, and lime.