Grilled fried Prawns on skewers on black cast iron grill background
You'll Find The Most Delicious Shrimp In This Section Of The Grocery Store
By Heidi Chaya
Shrimp are the most widely-consumed seafood in the United States, as they are tasty and packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. While you may think it’s best to buy fresh shrimp at the supermarket, it turns out that frozen is better.
Shrimp can be frozen immediately after being caught at sea to preserve its freshness, unlike fresh shrimp, which spoils very quickly. Each frozen shrimp bag has a number/letter combination indicating the shrimp count and size, and the smaller the number, the bigger the shrimp.
When shopping for frozen shrimp, it's preferable to purchase wild-caught shrimp, as shrimp farming threatens wildlife habitats, spreads diseases, and creates pollution. Imported farm-raised shrimp may contain antibiotics, so seek out responsibly-caught shrimp whenever possible, and American Shrimp warns against relying on words like "large" and "jumbo," because they're not regulated.