A closeup of coffee beans and grounds.
You'll Be Hard-Pressed To Find This Type Of Coffee At Costco
By Ariana DiValentino
Costco's ample stock of coffee is more than enough for members who are not picky with their coffee, but if you love light roasts, you may be out of luck.
Costco stocks at least a handful of light roast options, but on Reddit, light roast lovers have reported slim pickings at the club store.
The discount store carries less light roast coffee than other varieties, with only four light roast brands compared to over 50 medium and dark roast selections.
Its selection includes Mayorga Buenos Días organic whole beans, K-Cups of Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend and Starbucks Blonde Roast, and San Francisco Bay light roast grounds.
Some fans recommend the Kirkland Ethiopian light roast, but it is no longer available on Costco’s website, and some customers report not having seen it in stores.