Homemade marinated cheese feta in glass jar with herbs, garlic, tomatoes. Cheese on gold fork
You Should Only Buy Feta Cheese In Brine.
Here's Why
By Elias Nash
Hailing from Greece, feta cheese is baked into the country's culture from food to art and literature, but the unique cheese has found popularity around the world, adding a salty tang to any savory dish. However, if you want to get the most out of your feta make sure to buy it packed in brine for the best flavor experience.
Although most other cheeses don’t need to be kept in brine, feta is unique. Packaging feta in brine keeps it fresh much longer — for up to a month, compared to the 5 to 7 days that crumbled feta lasts. Plus, it keeps the cheese moist and helps maintain its flavor, keeping it from turning sour and balancing its flavor profile.
The other benefit of buying feta in brine is that you actually get two products in one. After you use up your feta, feel free to use the brine to season meats or add it to rice, beans, or other grains and legumes as they cook. Alternatively, you can include it in salad dressings, broths, and braising liquids, or mix it with the feta itself for a creamy dip.