Two ribeye steaks with spices and herbs on vintage metal background.
You Really Need To Start Fat Flashing Your Steak
By C.A. Pinkham
Fat flashing your steak is the best way to find a balance between resting your steak to give the juices time to redistribute and serving it immediately for
the best possible crust.
The principle here is simple: After resting and just before you serve your meat, you get the leftover fat in the pan smoking hot, then pour it right on top of the steak.
It's based on a similar principle to basting a seared food in fat while it cooks. This is typically with butter or oil, a technique that works wonders for everything from steak to fish.
In this case, though, you're not basting and letting the fat cook into the meat. Instead, it's a last-second move with literally smoking liquid fat.
The fat will give your steak an extra flavor pop and it’s a better heat conductor than hot air, meaning you can blast the surface of your steak without drying it out.