Ginger with leaves Isolated on a white
You Need To Start Storing Fresh Ginger In Vodka. Here's Why
By Chris Day
Perfect for those who prefer a zingy spiciness to their food, or those with an upset stomach, ginger lends its helping hand in a seemingly endless range of ways. With its great qualities, it’s only natural you want to keep ginger stored as long as you can — and it turns out vodka may work much better than your pantry or freezer.
Acting as a natural preservative, vodka is able to slow down the process that makes ginger spoil, and experiments have even found that ginger stored in vodka was able to still taste fresh and retain its texture after four weeks. Simply place your washed and cut ginger in a covered jar filled with vodka that has an alcohol volume of around 40%.
For those who like an extra kick to their drink, the ginger flavor is able to permeate the vodka when stored inside, leaving you with a tasty infusion perfect for using in your favorite cocktail. For those who don’t like alcohol, the liquor will also be able to burn off if you choose to use your ginger-infused vodka in different recipes.