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You Need To Immediately Start Grilling This Unexpected Vegetable
By Allison Lindsey
Contrary to common practice, backyard grills aren't just for bratwursts and burgers. Cabbage is one of the best vegetables to grill, thanks to its firm, dense, and crunchy texture.
Its toughness is sometimes hard to work with without the help of creamy condiments, but you can tenderize and soften it on the grill for a more manageable and appetizing texture.
Cabbage doesn't wilt when heated in the same way as other leafy greens, like spinach and arugula. Grilled cabbage is tender and succulent and holds its shape and structure.
Since heat brings out the natural sugars, grilled cabbage takes on a sweet, caramelized taste complemented by a campfire smokiness for a bold flavor you can't get with raw cabbage.
If you don't have a grill, there are other ways to char and cook your cabbage. Your oven's broiler acts like an inverted grill, heating from the top down rather than the bottom up.
Broiling cabbage doesn't give it a smoky taste or grill lines but creates a nice char and caramelization. Use a cast iron grill pan with ridges as a more realistic alternative.