Close up baked jacket potato with butter, Newport, Wales, 2009
Why You'll Probably Regret Freezing A
Baked Potato
By Gregory Lovvorn
When you freeze a cooked potato, the starch and water in it separate, and reheating the potato makes it release its moisture, leaving you with a watery mess. Chef Mark Anthony suggests freezing potatoes you want to use for cooking stews, home fries, or potato salad by thoroughly boiling them, cutting them into thin slices, and placing them in air-tight containers for freezing.
In an interview with Martha Stewart, Chef Palak Patel stated that it is not advisable to freeze baked potatoes, as the potatoes fail to hold their shape once ice crystals form, causing the water and starch to separate. LeafTV, however, suggests letting whole-baked potatoes cool down, freezing them uncovered, and wrapping them in foil before placing them in freezer bags.
If you want to freeze stuffed or twice-baked potatoes, LeafTV suggests you avoid sour cream, oils, and butter, as fats do not freeze well and will lead to soggy potatoes. The outlet also recommends that you avoid freezing baked potatoes that you have garnished with onions, chives, or spring onions, as freezing them alters their flavors and can result in a bitter taste.