Beef steak on the grill with smoke and flames
Why You Shouldn't Cook Some Cuts Of Steak On The Grill
By Elias Nash
Different kinds of meat can be cooked in various ways to render different types of flavors. While any cut of beef can be made delicious if you cook it right, we often think of steaks as a grilling go-to, but some cuts are better suited for other cooking methods.
The best types of steak for grilling are typically those with ample marbling or high-fat content, such as ribeye, top sirloin, and porterhouse. As Insider explains, fat adds flavor and moisture to the meat, plus they are ideally suited for the grill's high heat as they are difficult to overcook.
On the other hand, lean cuts of beef, such as brisket, chuck, and rump roast, shouldn't go on the grill as high heat will turn them tough and dry. These cuts are tough because they are comprised of muscles that are constantly in use, so you should slow-cook them to release connective tissue like collagen and break down the protein.
A slow cooker is a perfect kitchen gadget for turning lean cuts into tender and juicy meals, but there are other low-and-slow methods that you can use if you don't have one. A long stint in an oven set to a low temperature will do the trick perfectly, and if you're really craving the smoky, woodsy flavor obtained by grilling, you can slow-cook beef in a smoker or a Dutch oven.