A closeup of a Walmart signage.
Why You Should Never Buy Rotisserie Chicken From Walmart
By Betsy Parks
Walmart has some great products and some not-so-great options, and unfortunately, rotisserie chicken falls into the latter category if you're looking for a quick chicken dinner.
Walmart frequently gets reviews saying that its rotisserie chicken is very dry or undercooked, so you should save your chicken dollars for another store.
One reviewer said, "The leg was very dry and tough from the skin to about the halfway point. I didn't know it was possible to make dark meat so chewy."
Another reviewer said, "I purchased this chicken from Walmart in Covington, GA, and when I got home and cut it, it was not done."
Walmart came in at number one in the 2022 survey conducted by Mashed to determine the worst rotisserie chicken. A Business Insider test also came to the same conclusions.