Costco Wholesale storefront in Citrus Heights, California viewed from the crowded parking lot late afternoon. Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership warehouses, carrying brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices.
Why You Should Give Costco's Kirkland Brand Burnt Ends A Hard Pass
By Stacie Adams
Several of Costco's Kirkland Signature products have failed to please shoppers. According to opinions expressed on Reddit, the Kirkland Signature burnt ends should be on that list.
Burnt ends are a preparation of beef brisket that requires careful butchering and barbecuing. This cut of the cow can be tough, but in the right hands, the results are delicious.
Unfortunately, Costco shoppers who sampled the product said it has a "horrendous taste," was likened to "gourmet dog treats," and someone declared it "the worst Kirkland product."
According to the original poster of the Reddit thread, bona fide burnt ends feature the "point" of the brisket rather than the "flat" portion used in the Kirkland product.
For those new to the many intricacies of burnt ends, points and flats refer to the two different muscles found in brisket. Points are the fattier section, while flats are leaner.
Customers didn't appreciate the dry meat doused in barbeque sauce. The "slimy fat" mentioned by another Redditor could be a butchering oversight with too thick of a fat layer.
Costco carries another brand of burnt ends — Mission Hill Bistro — which is better received in terms of quality and flavor. However, customers think it is highly overpriced.