A head of broccoli.  Isolated on white with clipping path.
Why You Should Avoid Cooking Broccoli In The Air Fryer
By Margaret McCormick
An air fryer has become a home cook’s best friend as it can cook various dishes, from appetizers to entrees and even desserts. Air fryers might be the king of the kitchen in many households, but some things are incompatible with air fryer cooking — including broccoli.
Air frying broccoli leaves it dusty and dry, "like chewing on sandpaper,” according to America's Test Kitchen deputy food editor Stephanie Pixley; so, stick with steaming and roasting when it comes to broccoli. Although broccoli does not cook well in an air fryer, it does not mean other members of the cabbage family are just as incompatible.
Cauliflower is an air-fryer superstar, maintaining its flavor and structure in treatments like air-fryer cauliflower "chicken wings," or you can make crispy Brussels sprouts chips for dipping. Collards and other leafy greens don’t cook well in the air fryer, but kohlrabi and kale are great for air-fried fries or chips.