A closeup of a McDonald's PlayPlace.
Why You Rarely See Play Places In McDonald's Anymore
By Stacie Adams
People of a certain age remember the unbridled joy of McDonald's PlayPlaces, but the popular attractions are going extinct due to concerns like child safety.
Criticisms of the establishment's failure to document injuries resulting from PlayPlace attractions led the restaurant to revamp its design to make them less hazardous.
However, these increased safety measures didn't eliminate another PlayPlace hazard: The ubiquitous presence of illness-causing bacteria.
Lab testing performed by a concerned parent showed that PlayPlaces throughout several states contained multiple pathogens. This concern became more widespread during the pandemic.
McDonald's is also shifting its focus away from young consumers after years of accusations that it lured children into adopting unhealthy eating habits through marketing.
This shift in consumer focus and the fact that less than 10% of McDonald's customers dine inside the restaurant makes PlayPlaces redundant.