sliced glazed ham
Why You Need To Take Extra Precaution When Making Sweet Ham Glaze
By Asia McLain
It's no secret that a delicious, sweet glaze can elevate your ham, but you need to be intentional when making it. It's essential to keep your glaze from burning while in the oven.
Knowing exactly when to glaze your ham and how closely to watch it in the oven can be the difference between a delectable caramelized outer layer and an unpleasantly burnt crust.
The key to a great ham glaze is a good flavor balance. You can counter the essential sweetness of the brown sugar with something slightly tangy, such as orange or pineapple juice.
Perhaps the most important consideration is the timing of applying your glaze. Sugar burns quickly, so be sure to glaze your ham around 30 minutes before it's done in the oven.
Additionally, since your glaze is susceptible to speedy charring, consider lowering your oven temperature and baking your ham at no more than 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
Prop up the handle on the side of your baking pan to promote even browning and heat distribution. Rest your finished ham for around 20 minutes so your glaze thickens and glistens.