Shoppers browse the merchandise selection at a Costco Store May 26, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. Costco reported today an increase of six percent in third quarter profits over the same period last year.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Why You Need To Explore Costco's So-Called Center Court
By Stacie Adams
As a warehouse retail chain, Costco helps members save money by offering items in bulk, and the best prices are usually found in the middle aisles rather than near the entrance.
Shoppers can use this knowledge to their advantage by first hitting this so-called "center court" of Costco to look for better prices and save even more money.
On the other hand, Costco hopes that the discounted center court results in you spending more money since you'll need to walk through a large portion of the store to get there.
Along with careful placement of sales and specials, Costco also likes to shift the location of its products so that shoppers scour the aisles to find what they're looking for.
This can lead to more purchases, even if the member only intended to visit the store for one item. Of course, Costco is among many retailers that apply this strategy.
Stores want to encourage shoppers to spend more money, which is why consumers must take a savvy approach and avoid these common mistakes when shopping at chains like Costco.