McDonald's breakfast burrito
Why You Can't Customize A McDonald's Breakfast Burrito
By Erin Metz
Most McDonald's menu items can be altered slightly to fit the customer's preferred tastes, but one breakfast item comes as-is: the sausage breakfast burritos.
Unfortunately for those who make frequent modifications, this McDonald's menu item isn't made fresh to order and contains a pre-made egg mixture with everything already mixed in.
The breakfast burritos utilize a frozen, pre-made mix of egg, sausage pieces, green chiles, and onions. If you don't want a specific element, you'll have to pick it out by hand.
Most locations also pre-wrap their burritos during prep hours, so customers won't have much luck asking employees to add additional ingredients to their burritos, either.
Former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz confirms this in a TikTok video, where he responded to someone wondering why they can't request sausage patties instead of pieces.
Although you can't order a veggie version or ask for things to be removed, you could technically ask a willing employee to add other ingredients to your burrito before rolling it.