A closeup of clusters of grapes.
Why You Almost Never See Grape Ice Cream
By Crystal Antonace
You'll likely never find grape-flavored ice cream among the plethora of fruit-based ice creams because it doesn't sound appealing to most people and grapes are hard to process.
Grapes are highly acidic and unless you take the time to remove the acidic content, you may end up with an offset mixture that tends to turn sour faster.
Extracting the acidic juice can be time-consuming and a reasonably uncommon procedure considering many other fruit-flavored ice creams don't have to undergo this process.
Grapes are also over 80% water, so if you freeze them, you'll likely end up with small hunks of icy grapes in your favorite frozen dessert.
Blueberries, raspberries, and peaches have comparable water content to grapes, but the difference is that there is a demand for the flavors of traditional berries and cream.
The concept of grape and dairy has not been a flavor that foodies actively crave, which is why many companies don't put forth the effort they do for other hydrating fruits.