Retail sign. Pa era Bread restaurant in Seal Beach, California.
Why Some Fans Weren't Impressed With Panera's Chicken Sandwiches
By Chase Shustack
The fast food industry jumped into a very intense competition surrounding the fad of fried chicken sandwiches. Although Panera is known for its promise of "clean" food, the chain might have seemed like a shoo-in for success when it rolled out chicken sandwiches; however, Panera's offering wasn't received warmly.
As The Takeout explains, Panera's chicken sandwich offered a different take on the average fast food version, but according to the site, none of the ingredients went well together. The review made it sound like a bunch of random gourmet odds and ends were stacked to give the illusion of a connoisseur's chicken sandwich.
Users on the subreddit r/Panera also noted the high price of $11 for the sandwich, especially compared to cheaper ones served at Popeyes. The OP complained, "the new sandwiches are overpriced for being as sub-par and small as they are." So, at least Panera still has bread bowls to fall back on.