A pecan pie seen at Yvonne's Southern Sweets on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, in San Francisco, Calif. (Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
Why It Might Pay To Pick Up Pecan Pie Instead Of Making It
By Brianna Corley
Making any dessert from scratch will fill your kitchen with a sweet and inviting smell, plus it’s usually the cheaper option than buying it pre-made. However, when it comes to making a pecan pie, you might want to rethink going through the toil of baking it yourself, especially in these tough economic times.
To make pecan pie, you'll need to buy, aside from the basic ingredients, corn syrup, which costs a modest $2 or so, along with the titular pecans, which is where things get expensive. A 16-ounce bag of pecans can cost almost $11, but if you compare that to a $6 ready-made pecan pie in Walmart or an $8 one at Target, the pre-made pies look attractive and light on the wallet.
If you want to save money but still serve your guests a fresh-tasting pecan pie, you should scope out the bakery section early in the morning because that’s when the department is stocking its shelves with the freshest treats. Be sure to check the best-by dates, and once you’ve made your selection, keep it in your fridge to ensure safe consumption.