The entrance of a Costco store.
Why Is Your Costco Rotisserie Chicken A Green Color?
By Stacie Adams
Costco is well-known for its tasty rotisserie chicken, but one of its members made a troubling discovery after purchasing this popular food item.
After finding a portion of the meat had an unappealing green color, the member took a picture and posted it on Reddit to get more insight.
Commenters pointed out that it looked like a case of green muscle disease, which happens from disruptions in the blood supply to the bird’s pectoral — or breast — muscles.
Commercially reared poultry tend to have far larger breast muscles than they would normally, which means the blood supply to the muscles is inadequate.
Although the unappealing green color does not look appetizing, the USDA reported that it does not "present a food safety hazard to the consumers."
Despite the lack of safety issues associated with the color, consumers are put off by the defect. One member succinctly stated on Reddit, “Oh my, I gagged. Not normal.”