Ina Garten smiling while she's cooking.
Why Ina Garten Refuses To Use A Garlic Press
By Kalea Martin
If you've watched Ina Garten's long-running cooking show, “Barefoot Contessa,” you'll notice that she never uses a garlic press whenever mincing garlic.
In response to a fan question on her website asking if there was a cooking tool she considers “overrated,” Garten said she
isn't a fan of garlic presses
primarily due to storage.
She said, “The fewer fancy gadgets you have, the more organized your kitchen will be.” In general, she doesn't seem to be a fan of any kitchen tools that only have one function.
So even though garlic presses allow you to easily mince garlic into uniform pieces, Garten clearly doesn't mind putting in the extra effort if it means less kitchen clutter.