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Why Did The Handlebar Restaurant From Kitchen Nightmares Close?
By Stacie Adams
The Handlebar, a restaurant based in Mount Sinai, New York, appealed to chef Gordon Ramsay via his show "Kitchen Nightmares" to improve operations at the establishment.
While Ramsay did his best to turn things around, with the assistance of owners Billy and Carolyn LeRoy, Grub Street reported that the establishment closed for good in 2011.
It was rumored that the restaurant's demise resulted from Billy LeRoy's reinstatement of previous cooking and managerial practices, which drove customers away.
Ramsay revisited the Handlebar one year later and found things were looking up. The LeRoys appeared happier, and Carolyn claimed that Billy had improved his management.
The previously beleaguered Chef Melissa was in better spirits and affirmed her commitment to the restaurant. Ramsay also found the formerly filthy walk-in freezer in better shape.
However, the Handlebar was sold in 2010, and it's unclear who took over. The new establishment was called Skybox Restaurant & Sports Lounge, which has also closed.
The former site of the Handlebar is now occupied by Benchwarmer's, a sports bar that features a menu of standard American fare alongside a selection of beer and liquor.