Green olive with pimento
Why Are Pimentos Always Stuffed Into Green Olives Anyway?
By Julia Mullaney
Green olives have been stuffed with pimentos for years, and the most widely-known theory about why the pairing exists simply comes down to the flavor contrast.
Supposedly, the salty, slightly-bitter olives are enhanced with the pimento pepper's sweetness, making this garnish a perfect flavor combination.
Pimento-stuffed olives show up anywhere from a martini garnish to a charcuterie board or atop a salad, and the pairing is rumored to have originated about 300 years ago in France.
Though olives are native to Asia, and pimentos are most famous in Spain, pimento-olives were popularized in France, and since then have moved to different parts of the world.
These days, you can buy them jarred from the grocery store, usually near the pickles, or you can take on the tedious task of stuffing the olives yourself.