The sign outside an Arby's restaurant.
Why Arby's Changed (And Ultimately Brought Back) Its Logo
By Chase Shustack
In 2012, Arby's updated its logo to be bolder, sleeker, and, most importantly, in computer-generated 3D. This wasn't something the chain had done on a whim, as it was around the time Arby's was nearing its 50-year milestone in 2014, but unfortunately, the public did not like the new "futuristic" logo.
Many found Arby's redesigned logo unappealing and an example of a company messing with something that didn't need improving in the first place. Some believed that the new logo lacked the original spirit of Arby's, as the modern design contrasted against the restaurant's simple concept, and the bright glossy effect and CGI aesthetic made the new logo look "sterile."
Arby's brought back its classic logo not even a year following the introduction of its new one, which retained the hand-drawn style of the old logo while being more compact. While the famous cowboy hat wasn't as big and the letters were much blockier, the new logo was a welcome change compared to the bold 3D image Arby's previously had.