Scotch whiskey bottle, glass and an old wooden barrel.
Whiskey Is Your Secret Ingredient For The Perfect Steak Marinade
By Riya Anne Polcastro
Hard liquors impart plenty of extra flavors when used to marinate steak, and with its delicate balance of sweet and smoky notes, whiskey should be your first choice.
A whiskey marinade is sure to produce a deliciously moist steak with a complex flavor profile, and you can expect distinct flavors from different types of whiskey.
Since Scotch is often particularly smoky, a steak marinated in it will have a smokier quality. Steak soaked in Irish whiskey, on the other hand, will have a maltier taste.
If you prefer a steak with sweeter flavors, you'll want to use Canadian whisky, Tennessee whiskey, or bourbon. For a spicier kick, you'll want to go with a rye.
As with any great meat marinade, a whiskey-based one should contain certain basic elements such as acid, oil, sodium, aromatics, sugar, or another sweet ingredient.
You can include some lemon juice or vinegar and brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup for more sweetness, or Worcestershire and soy sauce for a salty addition.