mug of homemade hot chocolate with cookies
Whip Up Homemade Hot Chocolate Instantly With One Kitchen Gadget
By Camryn Teder
It's easy to make homemade hot cocoa in a flash with a milk frother. While there are different types of milk frothers, they're all highly versatile
These tools give any type of milk a frothy texture. Simply stirring ingredients together won't give you the thick, rich, and extra-bubbly qualities that milk frothers lend.
While stovetops provide heat for your hot cocoa, milk frothers whip air into the milk for a luxurious texture. Heating the lactose in the milk also adds extra sweetness.
Velvety texture aside, homemade hot chocolate can be ready in half the time with a countertop or pitcher-style milk frother while minimizing cleanup and energy usage.
Whether you use semi-sweet chips or syrups, there's no need to wait for your stove to heat up. Simply pour in your ingredients, press a button, and the mixing and heating begins.
If you're using a wand milk frother, you still need to use a separate pot to heat up the milk, but the elevated textures achieved by the tool make the extra dish worth it.