A closeup of lemons.
Where Should You Be Storing Lemons To Retain Quality?
By Camryn Teder
Fragile citrus fruits like lemons have their own strict set of storage requirements, and the refrigerator is usually the best place to keep ripe or cut lemons.
The cold temperatures of a refrigerator are ideal for keeping your whole citrus fruits extra tart and vibrant for up to four or six weeks at a time.
To ensure maximum freshness, seal your lemons in an airtight bag or container to keep out any excess air, and place it in your crisper drawer.
This will keep it away from ethylene gas-emitting fruits in your drawer, like apples or tomatoes, as those produce items will further speed up the ripening process of your lemons.
If you're storing lemon cuts or slices, wrap the exposed flesh in plastic wrap first, then seal the fruit in a container before storing it in the crisper drawer.