Chocolate Dipped Ripple Potato Chips with Maldon Salt
Where Did Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Originate From?
By Arianna Endicott
Salt is a flavor enhancer, and a little bit of salt added to sweet food can bring out the sugar even more. This phenomenon is reportedly called "flavor layering," and a popular example is chocolate-covered potato chips.
One origin story says that “chippers,” as they were initially called, were invented by Widman’s Candy, although they really took off in 1985, when Chicago's Executive Sweets introduced them to the market. Widman’s chocolate-covered chips are made from Red River Valley potato chips and come coated in different types of chocolate like milk chocolate, dark semi-sweet chocolate, and white chocolate with almonds.
However, We The Italians states the true inventor was Vincent Grimaldi, who made the treat in an attempt to get his job back at a French confectionary in 1961. Regardless of its origin, a variety of brands sell their own versions today, including the snack giant Lay's.