Opened can of sardines in olive oil on gray background
When It Comes To Canned Fish, Price Doesn't Always Reflect Quality
By Matthew Wilson
Canned fish, like sardines, tuna, and salmon, have long been considered an economical food option. However, when it comes to quality, paying more may not always be worth it.
Companies now offer higher-priced, luxury, canned seafood, reversing the concept of tinned fish as budget food. One company even sells sardines specked with gold leaf for $44.
While there are cases where the price of canned fish does reflect a better product, you should resist the urge to grab the most expensive can on the shelves.
A higher price point doesn't mean the fish was prepared or packaged properly, but you also shouldn't load up on the cheapest cans. Do some research before buying.
Some companies disregard sustainability and preservation, while others sell canned fish with high traces of mercury, posing potential health risks — especially for pregnant women.
There are options available that are sustainable and higher-quality. Spain, France, and Portugal also have a history of canning artisanal seafood with better care and ingredients.