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When In The Cooking Process Should You Salt Mushrooms?
By Angel Albring
Most people would treat mushrooms like any other vegetable; as such, it's common to season mushrooms at the beginning of the cooking process. However, according to Real Mushrooms, mushrooms have pores or gills, so seasoning them before they’re cooked will render them soggy or dry.
You should season your mushrooms after they're cooked, as salting them ahead of time will dry them out, making them soggy and slimy as they steam in the pan. Fresh mushrooms should cook in about 10 minutes, and be sure to avoid stirring them too often to prevent overcooking them.
How you cook your mushrooms can also impact their flavor; for example, searing mushrooms gives them a smoky flavor, but roasting mushrooms gives them a nutty or buttery flavor. If you want to avoid salt, you can add herbs — such as cilantro, basil, and parsley — to the pan as you cook the mushrooms to give them a more subtle flavor.