An entrance to a Costco Wholesale store.
When Buying Costco's Kirkland Lobster Bisque, Keep Expectations Low
By Stacie Adams
If you're a Costco member and fan of lobster bisque, take note, as the warehouse retail chain's brand seems to have left some shoppers feeling a bit crabby.
In a Reddit thread that deemed the soup "offensively bad," one commenter said, "I bought it once a long time ago and also thought it was horrible."
Another deemed the lobster bisque "terrible," while one person complained, "I've always found it to be bland, too creamy, and lacking any substantive lobster."
However, there was also a contingent of shoppers who believed the soup was fine, especially considering its relatively low price point.
Kirkland products are often priced cheaply, but quality can fluctuate depending on the item. Based on the majority of reviews, Kirkland's Lobster bisque is lacking in quality.