A closeup of a Filet-O-Fish box.
What's With That Half-Slice Of Cheese On McDonald's Filet-O-Fish?
By Erin Metz
Finding only one slice of cheese cut in half in a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich might seem like a mistake, but the fast food giant does this intentionally.
The product description on the fast food company's website confirms that each Filet-O-Fish sandwich includes one "Pasteurized Process American Cheese Half Slice."
While your first guess as to why this particular menu item gets less cheese might be for cost-saving reasons, it is actually done to maintain a delicate flavor balance.
McDonald's spokesperson Julie Caturano told Journal Star that the sandwich is intentionally made with less cheese because it "complements the taste, rather than overwhelming it."
The tartar sauce on a Filet-O-Fish carries a powerful flavor that does not mix well with too much cheese, and seafood and cheese are generally not a common pairing.