Sliced prosciutto with rosemary on a fork, black background, copy space.
What's The Difference Between Pancetta And Prosciutto?
Chandler Phillips
Most cured meats are pretty discernable from one another, but the two commonly conflated cuts are prosciutto and pancetta. One of the reasons prosciutto and pancetta get mixed up is that they are both salt-cured in a similar way.
However, while they’re both cured meats, pancetta is made from pork belly while prosciutto comes from the cut of the leg called the ham. This is an important distinction since pork belly has a much higher fat-to-muscle ratio compared to ham.
Prosciutto is ruddy in color, with marbled fat and a salty, buttery flavor profile, while pancetta is a light pink, fattier meat with more of a robust flavor. Ultimately, if you're trying to choose between them; prosciutto is a more nuanced flavor that would be appreciated with cheese and crackers, while pancetta would shine brighter accenting a dish that could use a little extra fatty richness.