Beans: White Beans Isolated on White Background
What's The Difference Between Cannellini Beans And Great Northern Beans?
By Kaliga Rice
Despite cannellini beans and great northern beans sharing the same white hue, growing from the same plant, and containing the same nutrients, they are different in several ways. Specifically, their differences in size, shape, flavor, and texture can impact when it's best to use one over the other in your favorite dishes.
Great northern are smaller and rounder in shape, while cannellini are larger with a more ovular appearance, which is why they are also referred to as white kidney beans. The flavor is one of the most important differences, however: Great northern are mild in taste, making them ideal for soups, while cannellini are creamier with a stronger, nuttier flavor, perfect for salads.
Whether you’re using cannellini or great northern, be sure to wash the beans to remove any dirt and rinse and strain them to get rid of any excess sodium. According to BBC goodfood, you should also soak them for at least five hours to ensure that their texture is the best it can possibly be.