Fresh Ground Hamburger Patties
What's The Difference Between A Steak Burger And Hamburger?
By Julia Mullaney
For the highest quality meat, opt for a steak burger over a hamburger. The main difference between these two patties is the cut of meat from which they're derived.
Hamburgers typically come from chuck steaks, which are run through a meat grinder and formed into burger patties. Steak burgers come from sirloin, T-bone, or ribeye.
Chuck steaks come from near the cow's shoulders, so they're less tender and generally regarded as lower in quality. For the perfect steak, look for marbling.
Sirloin is more tender than chuck steak, and T-bone and ribeye are the most tender and marbled options. However, with higher quality comes a higher price point.
While fast food burgers are thinner and cooked well-done, steak burgers are thicker and more delicate, so they should not be cooked past medium.