top view of an everything bagel
What's A Flagel, And How Is It Different From A Bagel?
By Angel Albring
A flagel is a type of round bread that's similar in appearance to a bagel but is thinner and flatter. In fact, that's where the name came from — they're essentially flat bagels.
Flagels are typically made with the same ingredients as bagels, so they have a similar flavor. They are also made in the same way until they are ready for the oven.
After regular bagels are boiled, they're baked for extra crispiness. Flagels are boiled the same way as bagels and flattened before being baked in the oven.
Flagels are often described as being lighter and crispier than bagels. They have a thin crust and a tender interior, with a larger surface area for toasting and adding toppings.
They have a mild, nutty, slightly sweet flavor and come in various flavors, like garlic, onion, or blueberry. They're typically served with cream cheese, lox, or other toppings.