Panda Express boxes
What Type Of Oil Does Panda Express Use In Its Dishes?
By Allison Lindsey
Although it's not overtly displayed as an ingredient, Panda Express primarily cooks its dishes with soybean oil since it has a mild flavor.
Soybean oil is versatile for cooking and doesn't overpower the spices, sauces, and aromatics used in a dish. Its primary role is to provide moisture and evenly distribute flavors.
Although it is safe to consume and helps make room for the bolder flavors in Panda Express meals, some foodies might want to keep soybean oil out of their diet.
Panda Express items that don't contain soybean oil include plain, steamed white rice, plain, steamed brown rice, honey sesame chicken breast, and orange chicken.
Soybean oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, namely omega-6 fatty acids. While they're essential for health, excessive consumption relative to omega-3 could result in inflammation.