A closeup of a can of tomatoes being opened.
What To Look Out For On The Label When Buying Canned Tomatoes
By Stacie Adams
Shopping for canned tomatoes at the grocery comes down to simplicity, meaning you don't want a label that features an extensive list of ingredients.
You should opt for a brand that lists just a few essential ingredients. This typically includes a specific kind of tomato and salt for a bit of flavor enhancement.
Canned tomatoes also naturally include water, but some brands may use juice from the tomato instead. These natural ingredients are all you should look for on the label.
Avoid brands with artificial preservatives and ingredients, except for citric acid, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth in canned tomatoes.
Added seasonings like garlic and basil are also problematic, but not for health reasons. They can alter the flavor of a dish and possibly ruin the finished product.