Raw meat on a white background.
What To Do You If You Accidentally Ingest Raw Meat
By Stacie Adams
Even with the best intentions, it's possible to ingest raw and uncooked meat. If this happens, remain calm and take immediate steps to mitigate health risks.
First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly after consuming raw meat to avoid potentially spreading pathogens to others.
Most people will fall ill within one to three days, and if that happens, it's strongly recommended that you contact a medical professional to discuss your symptoms.
You'll also need to provide information on the type of raw meat you've eaten, as different types of meat can harbor different pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants.
If the symptoms are mild, you can treat yourself with home remedies. If you have symptoms like vomiting, drink lots of fluids with electrolytes to limit the risk of dehydration.
Over-the-counter medications like antidiarrheals and medicines designed to reduce nausea are also beneficial when dealing with minor foodborne illnesses caused by raw meat.