Tofu scramble with greens toast on a gray plate. Healthy vegan food concept.
What Pre-Salting Really Does To Your Scrambled Eggs
By Matt Byrne
As cooking is essentially a chemical reaction, introducing a chemical component or ingredient at the wrong time is enough to damage a recipe. So, something as trivial as adding salt to scrambled eggs at the right time is more important than you may anticipate, and many chefs strongly recommend pre-salting your eggs.
You may have heard that salting eggs will make them tougher as the salt can make egg white proteins bond at a lower temperature, "cooking" the egg chemically. However, pre-salting scrambled eggs help the proteins bond more effortlessly while also keeping them slightly separated, making the eggs fluffier and creamier.
Cooking pre-salted eggs at a lower temperature is important because a higher heat breaks those proteins down and turns your eggs into a charred mess. However, keeping the heat down is necessary even when you don’t pre-salt your eggs, as the proteins don’t get the extra separation the salt provides, and the bonds become tighter, making the eggs harder.