The outside of a Texas Roadhouse
What On Earth Is A Chicken Critter At Texas Roadhouse?
By Kalea Martin
Chicken critters seem like one of those Southern dishes with a unique-sounding name, but they are essentially Texas Roadhouse's chicken tenders.
The chicken critters are made up of a tender, boneless white meat chicken coated in buttermilk, breaded, and then fried until crispy and golden.
You can order Texas Roadhouse's chicken critters as part of a combo alongside a sirloin steak, in a salad, or just with two sides and two dipping sauces.
Texas Roadhouse trademarked chicken critters in the early 2000s, and they are likely called "critters" because of their shape and to create a sense of curiosity among diners.
The term "critter" often evokes images of playful creatures typically associated with the American West, so it's easy to see why the chain gravitated toward the catchy name.