What Makes Mayonnaise And Miracle Whip Different?
By Ashley Reut
Many insist that their taste buds can tell the difference between mayo and Miracle Whip, with both having significant cult followings. We can't tell you which side is the right side to be on, but we can confirm that Miracle Whip is different in both taste and makeup from mayonnaise and other mayonnaise-style brands.
Most mayonnaise recipes include a combination of eggs, oil, and a little bit of acid like vinegar or lemon juice — ingredients most people keep at home. Sometimes, other ingredients are added for additional flavor and differentiation between brands, like a hint of dijon mustard or maybe a sprinkle of sugar.
A big thing that makes Miracle Whip different from mayo brands like Hellmann's or Duke's is the fat content, as it lacks the 65% oil required to technically be labeled mayonnaise, which means it has a lower calorie count. Additionally, while most mayo brands use sugar, Miracle Whip uses high fructose corn syrup, which gives it the iconic sweet taste.
While for the most part, it all comes down to personal preference, there are a few instances where one takes the advantage over the other. The next time you grill a steak, slather it with mayo for the richness that a higher fat content provides, or complement your savory dish with a bit of Miracle Whip to give it some extra spicy sweetness.