pot of macaroni and cheese
What Makes French-Style Mac And Cheese Different From The Rest?
By Patrick Bauman
If you're looking for a mac and cheese recipe that goes above and beyond the traditional varieties, French-style mac and cheese offers more richness, decadence, and complexity.
French mac and cheese owes its signature creaminess to high-end French ingredients, like crème fraîche, béchamel sauce, and often a blend of cheeses, including Gruyère.
Crème fraîche is like sour cream but thicker, higher-fat, and not quite as tart. Recipes that call for it usually require mixing it with Gruyère or Brie for a thick, gooey sauce.
Béchamel sauce is the ultimate ingredient for French mac and cheese and requires a few extra steps. First, make a roux with flour and butter and whisk in some milk or cream.
For the perfect béchamel sauce, prevent it from burning by whisking it slightly away from the heat until the sauce forms a thick, creamy texture.
Add your shredded French cheese to the mixture to create a thick, white sauce to perfectly coat your pasta in a baking dish. Top the dish with breadcrumbs for a toasty finish.