Hot and Spicy Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings with Ranch
What Makes Chicken Nuggets And Boneless Wings Different
By Chase Shustack
Rather than the drumettes or flats of classic wings, boneless wings are cuts of chicken breast — which has falsely led some to think they are the same as chicken nuggets.
The major difference between chicken nuggets and boneless wings is their preparation. Chicken nuggets are bite-sized ground chicken patties rather than whole-muscle breasts.
On the inside, a chicken nugget's texture isn't the same as a regular piece of chicken. This is because a nugget is ground-up chicken meat formed into a particular shape.
To make nuggets, chicken meat is ground, mixed with seasonings, industrially shaped, breaded or battered, pre-cooked, and flash-frozen. Some companies may add fillers or additives.
Chicken nuggets are also older than boneless wings, as the former was invented in the 1960s while the latter was introduced sometime in the 21st century.
While the debate may sound pointless, Buffalo Wild Wings was hit with a false advertising lawsuit claiming its boneless wings were nothing more than chicken nuggets.