Overhead view of a pint of lager on a picnic table, taken on August 22, 2013. (Photo by David Caudery/Future via Getty Images)
What It Means When Your Pint Glass Has A Bulge
By Chase Shustack
Despite only being used for one function, several types of glasses are used in bars, taverns, pubs, and restaurants, and there’s such variety in the beer glass market as each glass is designed to complement or highlight particular qualities of beer. With this knowledge in mind, there’s a specific reason behind that weird bulge on your pint glass.
According to Taste of Home, the bulge on a pint glass is a sign that it's a Nonic-style pint glass, and if it were to fall, the "bump" would take the blow against the hard surface instead of the highly breakable rim. Thanks to the unique design, bartenders can easily stack glasses of Nonic pints without worrying that they would stick together.
Also, Gear Patrol explains the bump or "lip" actually helps the glass to "rest" in a patron's hand, allowing them to hold the drink instead of letting it slip. Another functional benefit of the Nonic glass is that the bump acts as a "fill line," letting bartenders know how much beer to pour in (via GQ).